Kelsi Nelson


My name is Kelsi Nelson and I recently graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a degree from the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a focus in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior, and a minor in Policy Studies. Throughout my time at UW, I have learned many lessons that have, and will continue to help me achieve my academic and professional goals.

For those students just joining or still a part of the UW Bothell community, I have a few words of advice. The professors offer office hours in all of the classes that you take; use them. I found during my time at UW that those office hours were invaluable. Whether it was a question regarding coursework, or just inquiring about the research my professors had been conducting, professors are always more than happy to sit down and have those discussions with you during that time.

My other piece of advice would be, when you have electives or space in your schedule to choose extra classes, don't just choose a class that will give you an "easy A"; choose a class that really sparks your interest. I can tell you from experience that you will always do better in the classes that interest you as compared to the ones your friends tell you will be that "easy A".

Two of my favorite classes I took at UW Bothell; Introduction to Law with Karrin Klotz, and Ethics and Society with David Nixon were not the easiest classes that I had ever enrolled in, but because they were in my field of interest, I was really engaged and did well. 
Now that I have graduated, I have moved to West Virginia and am currently working with the paralegals at a law firm in Charleston that focuses in Personal Injury Law. I am using this summer to study for my LSAT and am taking the test in October. I plan to be attending Law School in the Fall of 2014.


Kelsi Nelson

SEB '13