UW Bothell Alert

The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


Heather Apel-Lowe

I transferred to UW Bothell after receiving my Associates Degree from Cascadia Community College. It was an easy transition as I was already familiar with the campus and its resources. I studied Media and Communications, with the intention of someday entering the Public Relations field. While at UW Bothell, I worked in the Office of Student Life as an Online Marketing Assistant. I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made, as my experiences in Student Life helped me obtain my current job as a Production Associate at a merchandising company. I would recommend that students get involved with Student Life in any way possible - volunteering with Campus Events Board, starting/joining a club, or working in the office - because of the exposure to so many different people and opportunities that you may not find anywhere else.

MCS '13

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