Freddy Hensen

Degree and Concentration: Environmental Science - Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Current Path: Washington State Army National Guard & University of Washington School of Law

Job Title: Intelligence Analyst & Student

After graduating from UW Bothell in the spring of 2012, I decided to defer my admission to the UW School of Law in order to join the Washington State Army National Guard. I spent that summer preparing and left for Basic Training that fall. Over the following seven months, I completed Basic Combat and Advanced Training in Intelligence Analysis graduating first in my class with distinguished honors.

Since returning home, I have spent my time looking forward to Law School, which begins this September. Until then, I plan to spend as much time as I can visiting my family on Cape Cod, hiking the mountains around Seattle, and reading as much as I possibly can. I will also attend a Law Preview in Boston after winning a scholarship for the cost of registration, and a vipassana meditation retreat in Southern California.

I feel so lucky to have chosen UW Bothell for my undergraduate degree. My experiences as a student and now alumnus of UW Bothell make me feel like I have a second family rooting for me. I know that I am supported, like there is a whole community of people watching my back through whatever challenges I may face.

My advice is to become part of this community and embrace it as much as you can. Be involved and talk to as many people around campus as you can. Trying new things will help prepare you for an amazing and exciting future and also help you discover new things about yourself and your capabilities. Also, you'll find that the more you explore the UW Bothell campus, the more you'll find to explore and experience, and as a result you'll become even more folded into the family at UW Bothell. Definitely let me know if you'd like to ask me anything about my experiences at UW Bothell, or if you have any questions for me:

Frederic Hensen

 Frederic Hensen

Environmental Science