Darryl Nevels

After graduating from Cascadia Community College, and having spent two years living the University of Washington Bothell/CCC campus experience, I knew that I wanted to continue my education by attending UW Bothell. My experience in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at UW Bothell diversified my education by encouraging me to study topics from a variety of fields.

The classes were small, and I made connections with many professors and collaborated with students constantly. There are many clubs, organizations, and outreach programs on campus. This gives UW Bothell a strong sense of community and support when you need it. I was involved with the Sustainability Organization and it opened many doors by providing me opportunities to work with students, staff, and Bothell’s community members on environmental issues.

For any student that is attending, or plans to attend UW Bothell, plan on studying and really focusing on what is being taught. Although class sizes are small and there is a good deal of one on one instruction, classes can be rigorous. This is what has prepared me for graduate school and the work force. I am currently attending the University of Southern Californian working towards a graduate degree in Geographic Information Systems and Technology. I unquestionably know that I am where I am today by attending UW Bothell. The support of professors and fellow students and the many programs offered, provided me with a rich and unforgettable undergraduate experience.     


Darryl Nevels

Environmental Sci.
RCE '12