Catti Alvarez

I come from a big Mexican family in the Yakima Valley area. Growing up, my Papi (Father) always talked about the power of education. He, like many migrants, had a dream that his children would be able to go to school, make an honest living, and most importantly give back to the community we come from. When he passed, his dream became mine, and I started to see and understand what he had been telling me my whole life, Education is important.

Coming to UW Bothell has been one of the best and scariest decisions I have ever made. Leaving my family and community behind was not easy, but I knew it was necessary. Being apart from family was difficult, but at UW Bothell I was exposed to a diverse culture and urban living that my small town could not provide.

With UW Bothell’s small class size and community I was able to get to know my professors and peers. All my professors knew me by name and things about me. I was not just a number, but a person. During my time at UW Bothell I had the privilege of being a part of the Making Access to College Happen (MATCH) Program. MATCH is a student-led organization that mentors low-income, first-generation high school students with the college application process across four schools in the Seattle area. Through MATCH I was able to discover my passion for working in higher education and because of my work in MATCH I was offered a full-time position at UW Bothell working as Admission Advisor and MATCH Coordinator.

I have been lucky to call UW Bothell my second home, and hope you will join the familia (family) as well!




Catti Alvarez
Society Ethics & Human Behavior - '13