Brandon Iwasaki

Brandon Iwasaki

Current Company: SoundEarth Strategies Inc.

Job Title: Staff Scientist

When I first started my college experience, I found myself naively excited to start down a career path that would be the most monetarily profitable. Through my life experiences, support of friends and family, and the mentorship at UW Bothell, I found a new path for myself. Switching my degree program to a focus on environmental issues helped me grow both personally and professionally. This growth was facilitated by professors, course content and culture that was and still is highly promoted by UW Bothell.

Now that I’m graduated, I’m able to look back and draw on my college experiences while working at my dream job. I’ve even had the opportunity to reconnect to the campus through the UW Bothell Alumni Council and by staying in touch with past professors. I currently work for an environmental consulting company called SoundEarth Strategies, in a rapidly developing stormwater focused group. The position is rewarding on a variety of levels. It’s exciting to use problem solving to meet the evolving challenges presented by progressive environmental regulation. I owe Rob Turner, who was one of my professors, a whole lot of credit for steering my career path into such an interesting field. In summary, UW Bothell provided me with the tools and mentorship that have made me successful in the professional world. Thank you all! PS. If you’re close to graduating, check out the UW Bothell Alumni Council. It’s a great way to stay connected!


Brandon Iwasaki
Environmental Science