Sebastian Blissett

My experience at UW Bothell was an exhilarating one. I was a CSSE major, and here, I was able to receive quality education from an amazing group of staff and faculty, who were able to give me personal attention.

During my years at UW Bothell, I made a lot of connections through networking. Networking helped me in getting my internship at Boeing, and ultimately landing my current job at Amazon.

If I have one piece of advice to give, it is to not stress too much about life and meet as many people during school, because ultimately, it's those people that will help you when you're out of school and looking for a job. Also, go to the Career Center as much as you can; it is one of the best resources on campus to help you get going in the right direction for your career.

-Sincerely Sebastian Blissett-


CSSE '13