Mariah Wine

Degree and Focus/Concentration: Business/Accounting

Current Company: Clark Nuber P.S.

Job Title: Audit Associate

I grew up without the resources, support or guidance to attend college. When I attended UW Seattle just out of high school, I was lost and overwhelmed. I transferred to community college, got my associate’s degree then just put college on hold. I was dreading going back after my first experience, so I chose UW Bothell in hopes of having a different one. I did. My time at UW Bothell was life-changing. The smaller classes provided the opportunity to actually get to know fellow classmates and instructors. The course offerings and the quality of the instructors were impressive, especially given the smaller size of the school. I became very involved in the accounting program, allowing me the opportunity to make many connections in the accounting profession and to remain connected to the school since graduation. Because of the connections that I made at UW Bothell, I was hired as an auditor at Clark Nuber, a local, well-respected accounting firm. I recommend that students immerse themselves in student activities as much as possible. Be part of a club, attend some of the many events offered by UW Bothell (especially a resume building workshop), and take the time to get to know classmates and faculty members. Not only does this enhance one’s overall experience, but making these connections could make a difference in starting your career after graduation. Also, take some classes that may not appeal to you on first glance. Some of my elective classes were the most interesting that I’ve ever taken, and they changed my perspective on things entirely.

Mariah Wine

Business/Accounting '12