Kristin Hallgren

Digging Deep

Research Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research

Kristin Hallgren was a high school civics teacher when she decided to pursue a graduate degree.  At the time, she desired greater intellectual stimulation and a rigorous education which would enhance her teaching practice and ultimately, benefit her students. 

The Policy Studies program provided Kristin with many opportunities to sharpen her critical thinking skills and understanding of policy and decision-making processes.  It also exposed her to an array of professional pathways, and eventually, Kristin shifted her career into the field of program evaluation for education and early childhood programs. Having been recently promoted from Research Analyst to Researcher at Mathematica Policy Research, she attributes much of the refinement of her skills to the training she received in the Policy Studies program.

"The Policy Studies program helped me understand the importance of evidence in the decision-making process. Through discussion, readings, and assignments, I learned how to think critically about the quality of available evidence and how to incorporate it into my own conclusions."

Kristin Hallgren
Policy Studies