Melissa Saquic

Full of Ambition!!!!

Civic Engagement Coordinator

University of Washington Bothell/AmeriCorps VISTA

While at UW Bothell I took advantage of several career boosting outlets that I knew would not only fulfill my personal passions, but that would also lead to further career and networking opportunities. For example, I was actively involved with the human rights student organization, participated and led teams and projects for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and Cesar Chavez events, and enjoyed the experience of traveling with an exploration seminar to Europe and the Washington D.C. Senior Seminar. Each of these opportunities are available to all students who have the ambition to allow their educational experience at UW Bothell to prepare them to accomplish several career goals.

Since graduating from UW Bothell I was requested to apply for an AmeriCorps VISTA position on campus which eventually led me to being offered and fulfilling that role. In my AmeriCorps position I get to use the skills and experience that I received through my opportunities as an undergraduate, such as strong communication, leadership, a greater desire to work within the community, and the ambition to implement new projects. After the AmeriCorps term is over I plan on attending graduate school for International and Public Affairs. Anything is possible, and with the experience you can gain as an undergraduate at UWB, the career opportunities will become endless!


Melissa Saquic
Global Studies and SEB '11