Resources for Graduate Students

Career Services has developed resources for graduate students for professional development, and has extensive resources specific to each school and program. The career counselors work closely with Graduate School Advisors to make sure the content is relevant to student needs.


STEM Graduate Career Counselor

STEM Career Counselor, Michael Kimball-Bryant


  Michael Kimball-Bryant

 A career services professional with experience advising  masters and engineering students. He has worked closely with employers in the engineering and technology industries in Chicago.


How to Make an Appointment

We offer in-person, Skype, and phone appointments. If you would like to schedule a Skype or phone appointment, please include your contact information in the appointment description.

Schedule an appointment for Graduate Advising here

To make an appointment with the STEM Graduate Career Counselor, call the STEM Graduate office at (425) 352-5490.

Types of Appointments

  • Graduate Student Advising
  • Applying to Graduate Schools
  • Graduate Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters
  • Interviews
  • Portfolio Development


Stay tuned for programing for 2017 - 2018 Academic Year



Quick Links


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Resume Cheatsheet

Cover Letters

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Cover Letter Cheatsheet


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Networking Cheatsheet


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Interviewing Cheatsheet

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Interviewing and Salary Negotiation PowerPoint (coming soon)


Portfolio Cheatsheet

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LinkedIn Cheatsheet