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Career Center

Career Fair Spring 2012


Events Before the Career Fair

  • Resume Writing Seminar, Tuesday April 10, 5:45pm-6:45pm, UW1-202
  • Resume Review Night With Professionals, Thursday April 12, 4:30pm-7:30pm, North Creek
  • Drop In Resume Day, Thursday April 12, 9am-5pm, UW1-161
  • Drop In Resume Day, Monday April 16, 9am-5pm, UW1-161

How to Prepare for the Career Fair...

  • Make an appointment and have your resume reviewed at least a week before the fair.
  • Bring at least 10 copies of your resume to the event
  • Dress to impress, business casual is ideal.
  • Conduct research about the companies that will be at the fair.
  • Come with a list of questions you can ask the employers to learn more about their company. Remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.
  • Prepare a 20 to 30 second introduction (elevator speech) about yourself to use with employers. Include your major, year in school, position/internship you’re interested in, and how your experience can help them.