Tuition Calendar


Tuition & Fee Assessment Deadlines 2011-2012

  Autumn 2011 Winter 2012 Spring 2012 Summer 2012
Full Term A Term B Term
First day tuition & fee balance is available on MyUW September 26 December 30 March 23 June 15 June 15 June 15
$25 Late Registration Fee begins September 28 January 3 March 26 June 18 June 18 July 19
Unrestricted drop period $20 fee October 5-11 January 10-16 April 2-8 June 25-July 1 NA NA
$20 Change of registration fee* begins to add, drop or change a course. Additional tuition or tuition forfeiture may also be charged October 5 January 10 April 2 June 25 June 25 July 26
One-half tuition due if withdrawing for the quarter October 5-27 January 10- February 1 April 2-24 June 25-July 8 June 25-July 8 July 26-August 8
$75 Late Registration Fee begins October 12 January 17 April 9 July 2 July 2 July 26
Tuition payment deadline for all registered students October 14 January 20 April 13 July 6 July 6 July 6
Late Payment Period begins (requires a Late-payment Fee) October 17 January 23 April 16 July 9 July 9 July 9
Full tuition due if withdrawing for the quarter beginning October 28 February 2 April 25 July 9 July 9 August 9


* A Change of Registration fee is assessed for any number of add, drop or change transactions (including change of grading option) made during a given day beginning the first day of the Late Add Period for adds or the first day of the Unrestricted Drop Period. The fee is a service charge and is in addition to any change in tuition or forfeiture as a result of adds, drops or changes. If you think your change is necessitated by a University error or is at the University's request, you must pay the fee and submit a petition for a refund to the Cashier's Office in UW1. You will be notified of the decision by the Cashier's Office. The fee will be cancelled only if the change is necessitated by a University error or is at the University's request.