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MBA Professor Awards

2013 MBA Professor of the Year Teaching Awards Recognition

Congratulations to Dr. Surya Pathak and Dr. Manuela Hoehn-Weiss!

Dr. Pathak was voted as the 2013 Leadership MBA Professor of the Year and Dr. Hoehn-Weiss was voted as the 2013 Technology MBA Professor of the Year. The graduating UW Bothell School of Business MBA class voted for the MBA professor(s) that they believed to have had the most impact on their MBA Program experience. The MBA Professor of the Year Teaching Awards are offered once a year and we are excited to recognize this year’s winners! Dr. Pathak and Dr. Hoehn-Weiss were also honored at the MBA Graduation Dinner that was held on Saturday, June 15.

Dr. Surya PathakDr. Pathak is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the Bothell School of Business. His research is inter-disciplinary in nature and spans across supply networks, production and operations management, marketing, accounting and finance disciplines. MBA graduate Hung Huynh, a past student in Dr. Pathak's B BUS 509 (Operations and Project Management) class, learned from Dr. Pathak that "things are more fun if I put 110% into it." Hung also shared that Dr. Pathak “made sure that he is always available to help us learn. His passion and energy are contagious."

Dr. Manuela Hoehn-WeissDr. Hoehn-Weiss is also an Assistant Professor at the Bothell School of Business. In her research, which is situated at the intersection of strategy and entrepreneurship, she investigates how young firms obtain access to and acquire resources critical to their operations. MBA graduate Marc Jensen, a past student in Dr. Hoehn-Weiss' B BUS 512 (Strategy) class, enjoyed "outstanding lectures -- great material presented in a great way." Marc also shared that "in addition to teaching some of my favorite material, Manuela was able to maintain such a high level of professionalism and rigor while still making the class enjoyable. Her high expectations coupled with a warm smile stay with me to this day."

The UW Bothell School of Business sincerely thanks Dr. Pathak and Dr. Hoehn-Weiss for their hard work, dedication to the students, valuable impact on the MBA Program, and determination to inspire business excellence.

Please visit uwb.edu/mba/programs to learn more about the Leadership MBA and Technology MBA programs.

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