General Criteria

  • Applicants must have completed, or expect to have completed by the time they start in the Master’s program, an undergraduate degree program in Accounting or in Business at a recognized four-year U.S. University or equivalent institution.  The program is presently not designed to accommodate applicants with non-Business undergraduate degrees.
  • In addition to having completed the necessary pre-requisite coursework indicated below, admission decisions will be based on multiple criteria such as the candidate’s overall and accounting GPAs, personal interviews and, unless specifically waived by the admissions committee, performance on the GMAT exam.  If you are not sure whether you should take the GMAT exam to improve your chances of being admitted to the program, please contact the program office.

Course Prerequisites

It is expected that all applicants will have successfully completed the following undergraduate courses:

  • a standard (two or three course) Intermediate Accounting sequence,
  • Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting
  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Introduction to Taxation and
  • Introduction to Accounting Information Systems.

The program will accept applications soon.  Please click here if you would like to sign up for the waitlist to join the pioneering class!  


Now accepting pre-application materials. Deadline for the first round of applications: April 7, 2104. Click HERE for details.

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Accounting Faculty

    Rajib Doogar

     Lorna Hardin

     Valerie Li

  Deborah Medlar

     P.K. Sen

     Ron Tilden