Workshop - Customer Development

This session of eight (8) hours is designed to identify the need in the market to eventually build a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The program focuses on the “Customer Development” process aligned to the Lean startup methodology. This process allows the participants to discover the tools to find customers, gain early feedback on a product or service, and develop a strong go-to-market plan. Customer Acquisition estimation, reach your target customers, and discover how to do all this on a startup budget using low cost resources.

The objective of this course is to introduce the participants to the lean startup methodology and identify viable opportunities in the market thru customer development processes and interview.

During the eight-hour session the participants go through a proven learning process right at the start in order to have everything they will need to go back and plan a possible product development and a strong value proposition.This course leverages the latest models used in the world of entrepreneurs to accomplish these results.


Itzam De Gortari obtained his PhD in physics at the University of Cambridge and worked in Research and Development for more than 10 years.

As an entrepreneur he has raised the capital and founded a Biotech company after consolidating his business expertise through a top MBA in Europe. In the last four years he contributed with his scientific, technological, and business experience to the economic development of Mexico.

As the CEO of the TechBA program in Seattle he has supported more than 100 small and medium technology companies to successfully participate in the international arena. Within this company accelerator, he is working primarily with companies in the IT, biotech, and aerospace sectors.

Dr. De Gortari focusses on established companies either with desires to launch new products or looking to expand their business to a new market. He is an active member of the committee of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce of the PacificNorthwest and supports several local economic development agencies.