Chancellor's Message


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2013 Global Classroom offered by the School of Business at the University of Washington-Bothell. This program is instrumental in supporting the UW Bothell’s commitment to global management & innovation through high-impact teaching, research, and engagement practices.

The Global Classroom, in its third year, has been very successful in creating a unique network of graduate students who have benefited significantly from the program. Our partner institutions have also appreciated the experiential learning experiences, the career development opportunities, and leadership activities that this program has to offer for their students. Our School of Business team has worked hard to deliver the program’s vision & mission.

I am very excited with the program offerings for 2013. We are increasing global diversity to our student mix by expanding our partner institution network. We are also collaborating extensively with local companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Expedia to provide a more enriching and interactive experience for the participants via site visits and personalized mentoring sessions.

Our region offers unparalleled learning and cultural opportunities. Beyond your participation in the Global Classroom, I hope you take time to have some fun while you are here. Go to a Mariners baseball game! Visit Mt. Rainier. Above all, I hope you take a piece of the Pacific Northwest in your heart when you go back to your home country.


Kenyon S. Chan, Ph.D.
UW Bothell

Kenyon Chan - UW Bothell Chancellor