School of Business Faculty

Deanna M. Kennedy, Ph.D.

2009 Ph.D. in Management Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2005 Masters of Business Administration, Concentration in Operations & Supply Chain Management, Minor in Project Management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco
1999 B.Sc. in Biological Sciences, Concentration in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior, University of California, Davis

Project Management, Groups and Teams, Operations Management

Operations and Project Management
Retail Operations and Supply Chain Management
Quantitative Methods and Business Statistics

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Recipient, Friends of INGRoup 2014. The award recognizes a person 1) who has been a steadfast supporter of INGRoup; and 2) whose support has been critical to the growth and development of the organization.
Nominated, 2015 Women in Leadership Award, UW Bothell.
Nominated, 2014 Women in Leadership Award, UW Bothell.
Recipient, Community-Based Learning and Research Faculty Fellow from UW Bothell for “The T-E-N Project.” 2013-2014.
Recipient, Worthington Distinguished Scholar for “Examining Triggers and Trajectories: A Study of Healthcare Team Disruptions”, 2012-13.
Recipient, Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) Faculty Travel Grant, 2012-13.
Recipient, First Nations Scholarship Award for Conference Attendance Support, 2010.
Recipient, 2009 Dissertation Research Award by Division 49 (Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy) of the American Psychological Association (APA), May 2010.
Recipient, OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, New Teacher Development Fund for Conference Attendance Support, 2010.
Recipient, Isenberg Award for Academic Merit and Commitment to the Integration of Science, Engineering and Management, November, 2007.
Recipient, Diversity Fellowship of the African, Latino, Asian/ Pacific Islander & Native American Diversity and Opportunity Program, September, 2005.