Reimagining Executive Education

The School of Business at the University of Washington Bothell is partnering with the Carol Sanford Institute to bring a unique executive education experience to growth-minded entrepreneurs and business executives. The Regenerative Business Executive Education Program rests on the fundamental assumption that embedded responsibility is the path to greater growth and profits. The program melds the school's well-known approach to inspiring business excellence with the Institute's core competence in business strategy, leadership and operational design.

“Rarely a day goes by that I do not call on what I learned. It is powerfully useful in every aspect of business and walk of life, especially in taking on the big business decisions that I face every day. Our company, and each leader in it, was much better for our work with Carol over many decades."

- Chad Holliday, CEO of DuPont Corporation

Why The Regenerative Business Executive Education Program?

Most business programs treat every function as an independent expertise and are managed as such: CSR and responsibility are separate divisions while a few leaders are responsible for the financial and growth aspects of the business. They are filled with programmatic responses for managing people, technology and customer or investor relations ready to respond to problems while the programs themselves continue to overload the leadership to implement and manage, not to mention ameliorate the problems they create.

We start in a different place and go a different direction.

The certificate program is designed from the mind of the CEO, what they have to consider from the whole, and developed so that each leader and contributor has the same perspective and commitment. It starts with a clear sense of the singularity of your business in your industry, the major emerging intersections where your business can thrive, and the planetary and social imperatives that serve as over-arching references for your business decisions.

You will be working with a small community of entrepreneurs and business unit leaders who are all committed to building and growing a great business, responsibly.

The process for achieving these outcomes is through instruction from Carol and her associates, plus “fishbowl” learning experiences engaging interactive on your business, live, in the group. In the fishbowl, you are the focus of applying methodology, being engaged by Carol, so everyone can see the ideas come alive and how they ensure the success of your organization. Each event also has you coaching and mentoring peers, with new methods that shift the center of responsibility and commitment. You will take these new methods straight back to your business.

“Carol Sanford shares the insights gleaned from a lifetime of working with path breaking businesses. She takes us behind the scenes at companies that have transformed how they think about themselves and the world – and in the process generated not only sustainable prosperity but levels of meaning and commitment that most firms only dream of. She has created the prototype for the future of business.”

- Rebecca Henderson, Senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management, Harvard Business School

Course Objectives

The basis of the curriculum draws from living systems and a profound tested and proven theory of how change happens.

The certificate program is eighty-four hours delivered over one year and is divided into three programs, Strategic Thinking, Leadership of Change and Operations and Work Design—each educating you to think as a Responsible Growth Leader with the mind of a CEO.

This certificate program is for professionals in established businesses (large, midsize, entrepreneurial or traditional) who are ready to…

  • Grow your business, with responsible financial and system-wide effectiveness at the core
  • Grow entrepreneurs and executives to lead the business of the future, thinking of decisions from an ecosystem wide meaning of success. Always responsibly!
  • Increase capability to understanding the working of Business as a system across all functions and stakeholder relationship working with the mind of the CEO
  • Embed personal growth and development and capability to engage with critical thinking skills that build a culture of innovation.

The program begins in January 2016.

About Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford, founder and CEO, of The Carol Sanford Institute, has helped hundreds of innovative large, mid-size and small businesses grow into vibrant brands in her forty years of educating, consulting, and advising executives. Her long-time clients include DuPont, P & G, Intel, and Hewlett Packard and her books and methods are used by the Google Innovation Lab for Food. She has helped dozens of small businesses grow toward public offerings, acquisition or steep growth curves such as Seventh Generation, the sustainability leader for personal and home care products, and Urban Feast, a Seattle catering firm that has grown into a regional leader. She is repeatedly listed in the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust and the winner of the Athena Award for contribution to women leaders, business and community.

Her book, The Responsible Business won seven awards, including Best General Business Book by International Books, ranked in their Top Ten CNBC’s Bullish on Books, and Top Five by 800CEOREAD. Her most recent book, The Responsible Entrepreneur also has seven awards, for best in class. Both books are required reading at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and the University of Michigan, as well as over 100 other MBA and Entrepreneur degreed schools.

Who Should Apply?

The new program is designed for those persons in small businesses as well as business unit leaders who are ready to think with the mind and work with the practices of a strategic executive and a growth stage entrepreneur. You may be inside a business or leading one. We are bringing deep experience as thought leaders and experts in business, leadership and market growth to a certificate program that ensures you can think about the whole of a business unit, a business, or a company.

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To learn more and stay connected as the program becomes available, join our email list here.

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