Program outline

Program Outline


Together, we will explore how evolving technologies are changing business and social dynamics to impact the development sector.  We will analyze the importance of communities, social fabric and the structure of belonging and use techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) a model for analysis, decision-making and the creation of strategic change, and the facilitation program Liberating Structures.
This course has been designed to enhance the projects participants are already working on.  Each participant will bring a specific project to the classroom for group review and analysis.  In this shared setting everyone will help co-create and apply their collective learnings to accelerate and enhance the social impact of every project brought to the class.  
A new set of funders are creating new opportunities for social investments that compel us to (re)consider how we take risk, how we should scale projects and how we determine impact. Further the changed online environment in which people can be mobilized and funds raised presents new opportunities and challenges.  Participants will learn how such changes offer fresh approaches to social development and better understand how to effectively combine innovative solutions with technology and policy for maximum impact. 

Sunday – Arrival and Orientation

Eve: Reception, Dinner, Ice Breaker and Setting the Stage

Monday - Defining the Challenges

Morning: Introductions and setting the conversation

  • The Changing Landscape
  • Importance of Policy for Scale
  • Designing for Development – Human Centered Design
  • Appreciative Inquiry – Discovering Strengths rather than Identifying Problems


  • Reflections
  • Liberating Structures

Tuesday – Exploring Approaches

Case studies - focusing on the approaches to solve big challenges.

Morning: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Understand how Gates Foundation is evolving its funding and financing portfolio and how its measures outcome and impact.  
  • Understand the innovative ways in which Gates is expanding its financing portfolio to include equity, debt and grants and move from a delivery focused to target focused approach.  
Afternoon:  PATH 
  • Investing in Innovation and changing from traditional fundraising to a P&L approach. 
Late Afternoon: Reflections and Open Space Conversation

Wednesday – Inspired Innovation

Morning: Microsoft Envision Center

  • Explore what the future possibilities are in technology and how they can be leveraged for social impact
  • Reflect on what ideas were being explored 5 years ago and how some of them have become a reality.
  • Facilitated discussion innovation and global development

Afternoon: Intellectual Ventures - GlobalGood

  • Learning how invention prowess is combined with humanitarian purpose
  • Understand how invention, development, and deployment of commercially-viable technologies that improve life in developing countries can scale.

Late Afternoon: Reflections and Prepare for Designing Solutions

Thursday – Designing Solutions using Human Centered Design

All day at the Seattle Impact HUB

  • Prompt: how can your organization/project/program innovatively prepare for the future using technology and human centered design models?
  • Preparing pitches with group and staff from experts 

Friday – Idea Pitch


  • Group presentations at the Seattle Impact Hub - learning from input from experts


  • Closing reflections of the week and feedback

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has been designated a veteran-friendly campus by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.