CSS Prerequisite Edmonds Community College Equivalent
English Composition (5 credits) ENGL& 101 College Composition
Advanced Composition or
Technical Writing

ENGL& 102 Advanced Composition
ENGR 231 Technical Writing
(Note that ENGR 231 cannot be used on the Associate of Arts DTA - the degree most UWB transfer students earn)

MATH 124 Calculus I MATH& 151 Calculus I
MATH 125 Calculus II* MATH& 152 Calculus II
Statistics MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics
CSS 107 Introduction to Programming through Animated Storytelling** CS 115 Intro to Programming
CSS 161 Fundamentals of Computing CS &131 C++ Programming I 
CS &141 Java Programming I
CMPSC 142 (C++) accepted prior to Summer 2009
CMPSC 151 (Java) accepted prior to Summer 2009
CSS 162 Programming Methodology CS 132 C++ Programming II  
CS 142 Java Programming I
CMPSC 143 (C++) accepted prior to Summer 2009
CS 152 is accepted if taken between Aut. 2004 and Summer 2009
CS 152 & 153 if taken together AND prior to Spring 2004 will count as CSE 143 equivalent.)

*Not required for admission to Applied Computing
** Not required for admission to Computing and Software Systems

University of Washington Course Equivalencies for Edmonds Community College.

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