Transfer Students

Qualifying as a Transfer or Post Bac Student

If you are currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled at a community college or university (including UWS & UWT), and are not currently taking courses from UW Bothell.  Please see below for application requirements.

Completion of the University Core Requirements:

University Core Requirements

Required Prerequisites:

  • Object Oriented Programming I (equivalent to UW Seattle's CSE 142)
  • Object Oriented Programming II (equivalent to UW Seattle's CSE 143)
  • Calculus I (equivalent to UW Seattle's Math 124)
  • Calculus II (equivalent to UW Seattle's Math 125)
  • Intro to Statistics/Business Statistics
  • English Composition (Equivalent to UW Seattle's Engl 131)
  • Advanced English Composition or Intro to Technical Writing (Equivalent to UW Seattle's Engl 182 or HCDE 231)

Do I have the required prerequisites?

English Language Proficiency

Please see the CSS requirements for English language proficiency.

*Applicants who have completed their programming prerequisites from an institution outside of Washington State will need to provide a course syllabus or course description listing the content of each course. CSS Faculty will review the syllabus or course descriptions to determine if the course is equivalent to CSS 161 or CSS 162. (Course syllabi is preferred over course description). Applicants may contact the CSS office directly with information or questions about their programming prerequisites.