Kentico CMS

User Interface Overview

User Interface Main Sections

The user interface consists of several sections depicted in the illustration below.

kentico user interface overview


Content Management toolbar

Document actions are located here; you can create, delete, edit, copy, or move them.

content management options

Main Menu

Where you can switch between the Content, My Desk, and Tools sections. Only Primary Publishers will see the Administration tab.

Main menu options

View Mode

Allows you to choose between various ways to view your webpage.

view mode options


  • To make edits to a document, you must be in Edit view mode.


  • To preview the edits you've made to a document with style scripts put in place to see what your page would look like published.

Live Site 

  • What the webpage currently looks like without your unpublished changes present. Can toggle between Preview and Live site to compare changes. 
    Only works on published pages, not for archived or new documents.


  • Displays the child documents of the current page in a list. 

Editing Tabs 

Where you can choose the way you want to edit the content of the page. You can choose from editing page content, document fields or document properties.

page editing options

Content navigation tree

Displays the structure of your web site, documents you have access to, and allows you to organize documents/pages.

close up of content nav tree

Note: All names are lower case, short, and separate words connect with a hyphen. They form the URL used to access the web page.

Editing/viewing space  

The area below the tool bar used when editing the selected content. In this mode, the editing space appears differently than how the page will look when published.

view mode options

editing and viewing space preview