Kentico Documentation

Table Overview

Creating a Table

1. Click the Insert/edit table icon in the WYSIWYG editor. 
toolbar - table option highlighted

2. In the Table properties dialog, you can select the number of rows and columns you want your table to be.

  • Rows- specifies the number of rows
  • Columns- specifies the number of columns
  • Headers - always do "Both" with headers so the table is accessible to everyone
  • Caption- This will be added above the table, required for accessibility
  • Learn about other properties to make tables accessible
  • Width maximum: Standard is 560, Standard Wide is 750
  • Cell spacing auto-adjusts as your type your content, no need to change.

Table Properties window

3. Click Ok and your table will appear where your curser was on the page.


Editing a Table

  • Select the table and right-click onto it
  • Select "Table Properties" and the same window will appear. 
  • After a table is created you cannot change the amount of rows and columns from table properties.
  • To change the amount of rows, columns, or cells, right click on the table and hover the curser over the "Cell", "Row", or "Column" section to see your options.