Kentico CMS

Changing the Page Title & URL Name

Changing the Page Title

Note: This does not break any hyperlinks but it does not effect the name seen in the content navigation tree.

  1. Go to the Properties tab
  2. Select the Navigation tab.
  3. In the Menu Caption field, enter the new page title.

Change page title location

        4. Click Save and go back to the Page tab to view your changes.

Changing the URL (Document) Name

Note: Please contact Advancement before changing. Hyperlinks will not break upon changing, but an alias for the page will be created. Schedule time to immediately updated old hyperlinks that contact the old name of the page.

  1. Check out the document you want to edit.
  2. Go to the Form tab.
  3. In the Document name field, make the desired changes. Remember to get the name as short yet unique as possible; words should be seperated with a hyphen to ensure maximum search engine optimization. 
    change document name field
  4. Click Save.

Update old hyperlinks

Search button location

  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Within the Search phrase: field, enter in the old URL of your page (the URL with the previous document name) and click the blue Search button.
    Search phrase field
  3. Your results will appear below with each page that contains the old document name inside a URL, which you will have to update. Usually it's in the form of hyperlinked text directing people to your page. If you do not have access to the page with the old hyperlink and don't know who has control of it, please contact Advancement and we can notify the correct people. 

    search results for old URL