Adding the Form to your Site

Adding a Form to a Webpage

  1. Click on Forms in the Tools tab.
    Forms button location
  2. Find your form and click edit. pencil icon to edit
  3. Click on the General tab
  4. Copy the line that starts and ends with the two %% symbols.
      - Include the "%%" symbols.
  5. Click on the "Content" at the very top of the page.
  6. In your content tree, find the page on which the form will be placed.
  7. Check out the page if necessary.
  8. In the main content of your page, paste the code where you'd like it to appear on the Live Site.
  9. Click "Save". Your form is now added to the page.
  10. Click "Preview" to see your form and ensure that it's visable
  11. Lastly, submit a test form to ensure email and captcha are working.