Our purpose is to create an institutional space for research, education, and community outreach. Technologies within its purview span the life sciences industries and include drug development, bioinformatics, neuroscience, and electromedical equipment and medical devices; of special interest are technologies spanning traditional biology, medicine, mathematics, electrical engineering, and computing. In addition, the institute deploys its specialized expertise in entrepreneurship, business development, bioethics and social implications, economic development, and public policy as these pertain to the above technologies.

The objectives of the Institute are four-fold:

  1. Foster a meaningful, ongoing dialog among academia, local biotechnology and biomedical technology (BBT) companies, and governments and economic development agencies at state and local levels.
  2. Create educational opportunities in the life sciences - and the intersection among the life sciences, engineering, computing, business, and policy- that serve the needs of the region and state.
  3. Strengthen research connections between UW Bothell and partners in industry, government, and the nonprofit sectors.
  4. Enhance public awareness and understanding of biotechnology and biomedical technology and their role in the future of the local and state economies.

Foster community dialog: We are positioning the BBTI to be an important resource for interaction among its stakeholders -- the place to go to understand what is happening now, what will happen in the future, and why.

Create educational opportunities: We are developing a curriculum at UW Bothell that links the campus' educational mission with the needs of the biotechnology and biomedical technology communities. This curriculum will prepare students for careers in the life sciences industries, provide opportunities for students to learn about careers in these industries, and offer continuing education opportunities to the biotechnology and biomedical technology community.

Strengthen research connections: BBTI research goals are by nature complementary to those of industry. By collaborating in research at UW Bothell through BBTI, our partners can benefit from knowledge and skills that might not be available to them in-house. We also offer our expertise to government agencies, industry associations, and other organizations that seek advice on business and economic development, regulation, and other public policy issues related to the life sciences industries.

Enhance public understanding: The BBTI is a neutral space for citizens to learn about new technologies and discuss their implications for the local community and beyond. Through public forums, conferences, symposia, and lectures, citizens will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest scientific advances and technological trends, ethical and social controversies, and directions in law and public policy. A citizenry informed in the latest technologies and their applications is a citizenry empowered to be effective participants in decisions that affect their families, community and livelihoods.

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.