ELC Student Testimonial

Sara Ismail

From: Syria
Language: English, Arabic, and Spanish
Study Concentration(s): Finance
Graduation Year: 2013

Why did you choose that particular area of study?
Because it will enable me to provide corporate management and board of directors information needed to make decisions on projects, marketing and pricing. I also enjoy both math and corporate life. This concentration enables me to find opportunity in almost every business.

What are your favorite things about ELC?
•    Meeting interesting people who came from different backgrounds, yet sharing the same goals.
•    Intense focus on every individual.
•    Becoming a friend with professors themselves.
•    One big family starting and graduating at the same time. We are able to help each other in projects and homework.

How do you like your professors?
Professors are very friendly, successful and willing to teach you beyond what’s given in textbooks. They share personal experiences and give you great advice.

What are the most valuable things have you learned from the Mentorship Program?
•    Connections
•    Learn to be professional
•    Preparation to real career

Do you have any advice for prospective ELC students?
The ELC is perfect for students who are unique, social and looking for effective connections in a short period of time. Especially for those who came from a different country and are striving to learn “how to make it” and to be successful in the US.