ELC Student Testimonial

Jeff Burrowes

From: Lynnwood , WA
Language: English & Spanish
Study Concentration(s): International Business and Entrepreneurship
Graduation Year: 2013

Why did you choose that particular area of study?
I want to see the world beyond the US and experience businesses compared to ours. Eventually bringing back what I’ve learned to start my own company and, in time, joining the global market.

What are your favorite things about ELC?
I enjoy the smaller class sizes, more attentive teachers, a great community relying on each other to pursue great things and establish long-lasting connections.

How do you like your professors?
Teachers put in hard work, effort and have a strong will to ensure student’s success in their careers.

What are the most valuable things have you learned from the Mentorship Program?
I felt like the program had a great value of mentors which would really help students.

Do you have any advice for prospective ELC students?
Establish connections with professors; be open about what you want, who you are and ask questions - for the stupid question asked is smarter than the question never asked.


Jeff Burrowes