ELC Student Testimonial

Chunxu Chai

From: China
Languages: Chinese and English
Study Concentration(s): International Business and Marketing
Graduation Year: 2012

Why did you choose that particular area of study?
I would like to work for a foreign company so the International Business concentration was able to give me lot of information about the current business world and global economic opportunity and risks. In addition, I enjoy sharing cultures with other people.

What are your favorite things about the ELC?
I love the family environment at the ELC. The cohort system encouraged me to build good relationship with classmates and professors.  Also, our Academic Advisor, Arlene, is a great person because she is very kind to help every student.  

How do you like your professors?
All the professors at the ELC are great and knowledgeable. Whenever I had any questions, I could always feel free to ask them. They gave me a lot advice and  help. In addition, professors encourage students to work in groups and do case analysis in order to improve their critical thinking skills.

What are the most valuable thing(s) have you learned from the Mentorship Program?
The most valuable things that I learned from the Mentorship Program are resume building, interview practices and building my network. My mentor also shared his school and work experiences with me to help learn from them.

What are you doing now after graduation?
I am currently doing an internship for the UW Bothell School of Business. I am planning to take GMAT and applying to graduate school very soon.

Do you have any advice for prospective ELC students?
•    Be positive towards your studies and life
•    Work hard and try to learn as much as you can
•    Don’t be afraid of asking questions and building relationship with friends and professors

Overall, the ELC is a great program, which trained me to be professional. Because of my professors’ encouragement I become more confident to step into my future career!


Chunxu Chai