1:1 Mentorship Program

The ELCBUS 1:1 Mentorship Program



It’s not just about what you know, it’s also about who you know! A mentorship is a supportive relationship sustained over a period of time, between a novice and an expert. A relationship where one wiser and more experienced person assists another person to grow, learn and develop his/her vision for the future.

  1. The Program
  2. Students
  3. Mentors
  4. The Mentor-Mentee Perspective
  5. Who are our Mentors?

The ELCBUS 1:1 Mentorship Program connects students with mentors in the business community. Through 1-1 meetings for approximately an hour every other week, mentors provide insight and support as students seek to learn about different fields, organizations, and roles. Mentor can also help grow a student’s professional network.

Program Details

The ELCBUS 1:1 Mentorship Program conducts two mentorship sessions – the first from mid-January to early June of the students’ junior year, and the second from early October to mid-March of the students’ senior year.

Each May, we hold a Mentor Appreciation Party to thank our mentors for their contribution in supporting ELCBUS students, and to provide an additional networking opportunity for both students and mentors.

Things Students and Mentors Can Work On

Learn about the business

  • Learn about field, industry, company, department, role etc.
  • Sit in on meetings
  • Shadow for a day (or half day)
  • Discover materials used to keep current
  • Discover what groups you can join to learn more

Job Search

  • Get advice on career change choices
  • Get Resume advice
  • Get Interview advice
  • Participate in a mock interview
  • Get advice on job choices, salary negotiation etc.

Networking - Get introductions to other business professionals

School Projects - Get projects to bring into the classroom

Laura SchildkrautFor more information, contact Laura Schildkraut at laurasc@u.washington.edu.




Your mentor can have a huge impact on your ability to get the most out of the ELCBUS program. Your mentor can help you think about and attain your dream job, and can be a valued sounding board as you contemplate your next professional step.

How to be a great “mentee.”

  • Do be pro-active in reaching out to your mentor
  • Do be clear about your objectives for this program
  • Do be on time for meetings
  • Do be responsive to communication
  • Do meet your commitments
  • Do be open to feedback, suggestions, new ideas etc.
  • Do try to “lock in” your meeting times at your first meeting
  • Do ask the best way to contact your mentor
  • Do ask “when is it too late or too early to call?”
  • Do follow-up professionally and respectfully
  • DO NOT ask for a job or internship


When you were an undergrad, did you have someone in the business world that you could talk to? Someone who could help you figure out what you could do with your degree? Someone who could see your strengths and help you work through your weaknesses? Someone who could help you network so you could increase your opportunities?

If you had someone like this, you know how valuable that connection can be. If you didn’t, I’ll bet you wish you did.

Would you be interested in helping an undergraduate student now?

How to be a great mentor

  • Do encourage your student to clearly define mentorship objectives
  • Do let your student lead the meetings (it’s great experience for them!)
  • Do meet with your student regularly (about an hour every other week)
  • Do be in touch on email during your “off” weeks
  • Do be responsive to email and phone messages
  • Do be honest and open with your student
  • Do be creative in how you support your student
  • Do engage your network to help and share your network, as appropriate
  • Do be reactive and proactive regarding how you can help your student
  • Do attend the Mentor Appreciation Party
  • DO NOT go Missing In Action – if something changes and you can no longer mentor your student, please let Laura know (laurasc@u.washington.edu) and she’ll arrange another mentor

Our next mentorship session starts in mid-October and runs through March. Be a mentor and make a difference in the life of a business student!



The Mentor-Mentee Perspective

Watch this video to learn more about the power of the mentorship program and how it can be highly beneficial for students.  In the video, you’ll see how mentors and their students interact, their first impressions of each other, what mentors and students can work on together, the importance of networking, and why mentors mentor.


Our Mentors

Our mentors range from business professionals with 5 years of experience to executives - from company founders to independent consultants. Their areas of expertise include finance, marketing, human resources, international business, and entrepreneurship. In addition to our mentors who work independently, our mentors work for large and small organizations including:

Path Forward
Photo Rocket
Zachary Scott