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The ELC Business Program in Bellevue curriculum consists entirely of upper-division courses. Most students will transfer to the program as juniors from local community colleges or 4-year  schools. They then will complete their last 90 credits at UW Bothell’s ELC by taking 300- and 400-level business courses.

Core Courses: 45 Credits

Core Courses are designed to provide students with a strong base of business  knowledge in essential fields of study. Nine five-credit 300-level courses are the  foundation for advanced study and should be taken during the student's first year:

• ELC BUS 300: Management of Organizations
• ELC BUS 301: Business Statistics
• ELC BUS 310: Managerial Economics
• ELC BUS 320: Marketing Management
• ELC BUS 330: Information Management & Analysis
• ELC BUS 340: Operations and Project Management
• ELC BUS 350: Business Finance
• ELC BUS 380: Organizational Behavior
• ELC BUS 382: Business, Government and Society

Study Concentrations: 40 Credits

After completing the core business courses, students complete 8 business courses (40 credits) from among the elective courses within the four specialized study concentrations. Students may pursue a concentration by completing four business electives (20 credits) in one or more concentration or choose a self-directed program from among courses in any concentration. The study concentrations are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship provides students with an understanding of the development of growth-oriented, new venture start-ups, whether external or internal to the organization.
  • Finance provides advanced knowledge and skills in the critical areas of corporate finance, investment management, and management of financial institutions.
  • General Business draws from a broad area of advanced knowledge to provide the complex tools and desired skill sets in the areas of management, marketing, and operations management.
  • International Business focuses on the major challenges and issues facing businesses and managers operating in an increasingly globalized environment.

Capstone Course: 5 credits

  • ELC BUS 470: Business Policy and Strategic Management

The capstone course integrates learning and challenges students to analyze and resolve managerial problems, develop policies, and deal with major issues and changes affecting business in a global environment. Students generally take this course during the final quarters of their program.

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