International Business Concentration

Curriculum Overview

The International Business Concentration emphasizes topics such as the history and future of globalization, the drivers, trends and implications of globalization for businesses, the geo-political and legal dimensions of global business, economic and trading theories, global legal issues, and global strategic entry models.


Twenty credits in 400-level international business courses are required to complete the International Business Concentration.


ELC BUS 310: Managerial Economics is a prerequisite for the 461-level international business course.
ELC BUS 320: Marketing Management is a prerequisite for the 462-level international business course
ELC BUS 350: Business Finance is a prerequisite for the 463-level international business course

Required Courses

The following four courses are required for the International Business Concentration:

  • ELC BUS 461: International Environment of Business
  • ELC BUS 462: International Marketing
  • ELC BUS 463: International Finance & Trade
  • ELC BUS 464: History and Globalization