Entrepreneurship Concentration

Curriculum Overview

The Entrepreneurship Concentration provides highly motivated students with the knowledge and practice needed to start and manage new businesses. Four exciting courses integrate research based conceptual models and tools with hands-on practical experience in the form of historical and live cases, idea competition, and live business plan competitions:

  1. Essentials of Venturing provides an overview of the new venture creation process, including business formation, growth and innovation.
  2. New Venture Ideas provides conceptual models and tools for discovering and developing ideas that create business growth opportunities.
  3. Venture Feasibility Analysis focuses on the process of determining whether a business idea is worth pursuing by utilizing models and tools for determining product/service, organization, market and financial feasibility.
  4. Venture Start-up, Management and Growth focuses on the opportunities and challenges of developing, managing and growing start-ups to become full-fledged successful businesses.


Twenty credits in 400-level entrepreneurship courses are required to complete the Entrepreneurship Concentration.


ELC BUS 441: Essentials in Venturing is a prerequisite for all of the required 400-level entrepreneurship courses.

Required Courses

The following four courses are required for the Entrepreneurship Concentration:

  • ELC BUS 441: Essentials of Venturing
  • ELC BUS 442: New Venture Ideas
  • ELC BUS 443: Venture Feasibility Analysis
  • ELC BUS 444: Venture Start-up, Management and Growth