Because the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration is an upper division program, students begin the program after already completing substantial coursework. Certain prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation (the start of studies at UW Bothell). In addition, some prerequisites must be completed prior to application.

Prerequisites for Matriculation

Admitted students must complete a minimum of 60 transferable quarter credits (80 preferred), with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.5, prior to beginning their business studies at UW Bothell. These credits must include all of the following prerequisite courses (with a minimum grade of 2.0 in each):

Business Prerequisite Courses

Courses UW Bothell UW in Seattle Common Course Numbering
Statistics B BUS 215, STMATH 341 (BIS 315 if completed prior to Win 16) Q METH 201,
STAT 220, 311
MATH 146, BA 240
Calculus B CUSP 124, 125 or 126 MATH 112, MATH 124, 125 or 126 MATH 148, MATH 151
Microeconomics B CUSP 200 ECON 200 ECON 201
Macroeconomics B CUSP 176 or 201 ECON 201 ECON 202
Financial Accounting B BUS 210 ACCTG 215 ACCTG 201 and ACCTG 202
Managerial Accounting B BUS 211 ACCTG 225 ACCTG 203
Law B CUSP 202 MGMT 200 POLS 200, BUS 201
Advanced Composition Please contact departmental advisor Please contact advisor ENG 102

General Education Prerequisite Courses

  • 5 credits of Composition.
  • 5 credits of Quantitative Symbolic Reasoning.
  • 15 credits of Natural Science (The Natural World).
  • 15 credits of Humanities (Visual Literary and Performing Arts).
  • 20 credits of Social Science (Individuals and Societies).
  • 2 years of a single foreign language in high school or two quarters of a single foreign language in college (American Sign Language applies).

Admission is contingent upon the student's satisfaction of these requirements prior to the beginning of the academic quarter for which he or she has been admitted.

Did You Know?

The University of Washington Bothell is the largest of the five branch campuses in the state.