Universal Leadership Conference




2015 ULC Workshop Sessions

The 2015 ULC will be on May 16th, 2015 from 7:30AM - 4:30PM in CC3 - Mobius Hall. The workshop information for this year's conference is in the chart below. 

Please remember to register at tinyurl.com/ulc2015registration so you can participate in these diverse workshops on social justice, leadership, and service! 


Session 1:
9:30AM - 10:30AM

Session 2:
10:45AM - 11:45AM

Session 3:
1:00PM - 2:00PM

CC3 - 103

Building Community for Commuter Students: Learning Communities in Action

Erica Yamamura, Nik Bowen, & Joshua Oakland

Building Community for Transfer Students: Learning Communities in Action

Erica Yamamura, Elisabeth Goss, &Pauline Tolentino

Safe Space

Leah Shelton

CC3 - 121

Hip-Hop Culture, Leadership & You

Professor Jose S. Gutierrez Jr. 

CONTROL, COMPETENCE & CONFIDENCE: Tools for Survival When Encountering Law Enforcement/Armed Authority

Professor Jose S. Gutierrez Jr. 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Nik Bown

CC3 - 123

Breaking the Model Minority Stereotype: Asian American Student and Community Activism

Scott Kurashige

Dare to Step Out

Ronnie Kwong

Art and Activism

Deborah Caplow

CC3 - 135

Thinking outside the box: The activist's guide to Google and its alternatives

Megan Watson, Ana Villar, Emily Ferguson, & Tami Garrard

In the Image of Martin: Community Organizing in the 21st Century 

Terryl Ross, Ph.D

Intercultural Literacy for Multilingual Students

Young-Kyung Min, Ph.D and CUSP

CC3 - 221

Hold Open the Closet Door: LGBTQ - Inclusive Language

Missy Dominguez & Krystal Correa

Solidarity Over Charity

Sophia Lewis, Chris Jones, & Emilie Wood

How to "Go There" Facilitating those Challenging Discussions as a Social Justice Leader

Maurice E. Dolberry

CC3 - 223

Pay Equity and Salary Negotiation

Kara Adams & Anette Anderson

Storysharing and Public Speaking: A Pathway to Building Self-Confidence as a Diverse Student on a College Campus

Lakeisha Jackson & Tracy Phutikanit

The Human Struggle: Challenging our Social Conditioning and Bringing Empathy to Leadership

Marlene Manzo

CC3 - 227

Health and Intellect - How Leadership Starts With Your Best Self

Raegan Dean-Baker, Karisa Clifford, Karishma Sharma

Living your Values

Rosemary Simmons, Ph.D. & Gina Christian, Ph.D

Sustainable Yards and Gardens - Why Home and Community Efforts Are Important to the Health of Species

Alexander Lefort & Sarah Kish

CC3 - 235

Food Advocacy with 21 Acres

Gretchen Johnson & Aaron Houston

Living Beyond Your Sexuality

Jennifer Kniseley

Privilege, Positionality, and Place: Serving in the U.S. Peace Corps In Namibia

Mariah Crystal Ortiz

2015 ULC Workshop Proposal

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Universal Leadership Conference on Saturday May 16th, 2015 at the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College campus. We are now seeking workshop proposals for this year's conference.

Presenters should be faculty, staff, community members, graduate students, or advanced undergraduate students from any institution or organization. Unfortunately, no stipends or travel reimbursements are available. The target audience are UW Bothell and Cascadia College undergraduate students.

See below for past workshops.

2015 ULC Workshop Registration Deadline

The deadline for workshop proposal submissions is Friday, March 27th, 2015. Presenters will be notified of acceptance status by Friday, April 10th, 2015. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Workshop Proposals process or application please contact Alejandra Pérez at APerez@uwb.edu or Dhwani Vekaria at DhwanV@uw.edu.

Submit a workshop proposal now.

2014 ULC Workshop Sessions

Circle Process: Identity and Higher Education

Bilen Million and Joshua Arsenaux, University of Washington Bothell
Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills

Microaggressions: Learning to Recognize and Take Action

Navarre Kerr, University of Washington Bothell
Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Sensitivity

Food Advocacy with 21 Acres

Aaron Huston and Gretchen Johnson, 21 Acres
Social Justice and Activism

The DREAMer Movement/Immigration Challenge in the United States

Ray Corona, University of Washington Bothell
Social Justice and Activism

Empowering Ourselves and Others: Community Cultural Wealth

Victoria Navarro Benavides, Erica Yamamura, and Undergraduate, NASPA Undergraduate Fellow & Connections Leadership Program Peer Mentor, Seattle University/Student Development Administration
Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills & Social Justice and Activism

Team Building Workshop

Matthew Bennett, University of Washington Bothell
Personal Leadership Development

Lead Like You’re the Very Last-Indigenous Pasifika Perspectives on Servant Leadership

Kiana Fuega, Pacific Islands Studies Institute
Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills & Personal Leadership Development

Group Dynamics and You

Jamie Kim, Sam Robins, Anny Joyce La Torre, Martin Yanagihara, Campus Events Board
Personal Leadership Development

“Me”? or “English-Me”?

Jee Paik, Khalid Alnamlah, Miyu Kimura, and Grace Ng, University of Washington Bothell
Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Sensitivity & Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills

Safe Space

Leah Shelton, University of Washington Bothell
Social Justice and Activism

Knowledge of Self: Developing Leaderships through Native American Culture

Dr. Molly Ross, Central Washington University
Personal Leadership Development

Artivismo: Resistance is Existence

Alejandra Juliette Olivos and Mónica Mendoza-Castrejón, amARTE Colectivo
Social Justice and Activism

Millennial Learning Styles for Diverse Student Populations

Erica Yamamura, GG Flint, Michelle Lee, Nani Vishawanath, Seattle University
Personal Leadership Development

From Stories to Leadership: The Importance of Latino/a and Chicano/a Studies

Dr. Julie Shayne and Jessica Manfredi, University of Washington Bothell IAS and CUSP
Social Justice and Activism

Who am I?-Exploring your Identities

KC Bui and Connor Wood, University of Washington Bothell Residential Life
Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills

Campus Involvement: Bridging the Gap between Home Life and Campus Life

Jennae Guito, International Student Facilitators
Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills & Personal Leadership Development