Student Life

Meet the Team

ASUWB Elected Officials 2014-2015

Executive Board


James Anderson


"I will work to advocate for the students as I work towards my goals of diversifying food options, creating more student jobs and increasing communication, transparency and accountability between UW Bothell students, faculty and administration."


Brittany Monares

Vice President

"I plan to empower the students on our campus this upcoming year, help to create a sense of community among each of the academic schools, while also being a strong advocate for the prevention of sexual assault and sexual violence. Please feel free to come talk to me at any time!"



Brandon Johnson

Director of Student Advocacy

"This year I hope to make it easier for students to become more involved on campus and connect them to the available opportunities so that they may develop the skills they need to reach their personal and professional goals."


Sara Grossie

Director of Public Relations

"My priority this year is ensuring that students are well-informed of what is happening on campus. I am also working to establish ASUWB's image as a positive and recognizable resource for students' needs, questions, and concerns."



David Edwards

Director of Business Operations
"As ASUWB Director of Business Operations, I intend to establish the efficient utilization of student funds."

Justin Nygard
Director of Government Relations





Daniel Schmidt

Senior Senator

Josh Custer

Senior Senator



Naaz Sandhu

Junior Senator

"I am hoping to take the idea of creating a physical space known as the Diversity Center and arrange daily newscasts that provide students with information and reminders of events and programs throughout each week."




Alicia Lookabill

Junior Senator

"I would like to increase the outreach and awareness of the ASUWB Student Government's mission and goals to ultimately hear more students' opinions and strive to make their voices heard."




Yaman Harut

Sophomore Senator
"This year, I look forward to making sure that the students' voices are heard and represented in the most transparent way. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Or, better yet, if you see me around campus, come say hi! I'd be more than happy to help." 

Justin Han
Sophomore Senator
"As an ASUWB Sophomore Senator, some of my priorities are to promote safe spaces and advocate for the more student-led opportunities. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the university, feel free to contact me! Remember don’t forget to say hi if you see me around campus!"

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Eunah Ko
First Year Senator


Horacio Rodriguez
First Year Senator


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Vice President
David Edwards Fall
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Public Relations
Brittany Monares Fall
Brittany Monares Winter

Student Advocacy
David Lile Fall
David Lile Winter

Business Operations
Brian Hoang Fall
Brian Hoang Winter

Government Relations
Alton Roberts Fall
Sara Grossie Winter

Senior Senators
Liam Munro Fall
Daniel Schmidt Fall

Liam Munro Winter
Daniel Schmidt Winter

Junior Senators
Kat Hennings Fall
Zak Ali Fall

Kat Hennings Winter
Zak Ali Winter

Sophomore Senators
Erica Seibert Fall
Erica Seibert Winter

First-Year Senators
Zynia Chapman Fall
Erica Qiao Fall

Zynia Chapman Winter
Erica Qiao Winter