Call for Proposals


Present A Program at the ULC!


Students and professionals alike are encouraged to submit proposals for 60 minute single session or can sign up for two session workshops.


You will need the following information when completing the form:

  • Presenter name(s), title(s), and bio(s) and the contact information for the coordinating presenter
  • Confirmation that all presenters will register for the conference. All workshop presenters are required to register for the conference by April 18th, 2014.
  • A 50 word abstract, workshop goals and learning objectives, an outline of the workshop, and a description of how the workshop fits into this year's theme – Our Future.
  • The intended audience and audience size.



Workshops are 60 minute sessions that focus on one of four areas. These areas are:

·         Ethnic Racial and Cultural Sensitivity: These workshops will involve Awareness building related to race, ethnicity, and other differences. Students are asked to select the workshop to increase their knowledge and understanding of an ethnic/racial group other than their own.


·         Cross-Cultural Communication and Skills: These workshops will focus on Skill building: alliance building, intercultural communication, public speaking etc..


·         Social Justice and Activism: These workshops focus on issues related to social change, institutional inequalities, women empowerment, disabilities rights, issues affecting our communities, social economic justice, critical issues that leaders must consider and face in the 21st century, politics etc. Examples include experiential exercises on diversity and social justice, self-reflection and personal values.


·         Personal Leadership Development: These workshops focus on developing practical knowledge and skills to enhance a participant's leadership ability, this includes best leadership practices, Issues in leadership, health and wellness issues related to mind, body and soul, academic success, time-management, facilitation, motivating others, recruiting members, resume/portfolio creation, etc. These workshops can also involve sharing about programs or events that enhance student leadership on presenters’ campuses and how to implement them. These can be existing, established programs or successful new initiatives.


·         Science and Technology: These workshops focus on software development, electrical engineering, CSS, biology, studies in the sciences inside and outside the classroom, theoretical science vs. hard science.