Jim Reed

Liberal Studies ’95
Banner Bank
Vice President

Jim came to the University of Washington Bothell because he wanted to finish his college degree and hone his occupational skills. Jim originally started at the bottom of Banner Bank, working as a bank teller. During his climb through the banking corporation, he not only worked full time, but also was a full time student at UW Bothell. He eventually became the vice president of Banner Bank, where he works to develop commercial loans and create public relations opportunities with his loyal customers.

Jim’s advice to any student looking to finish their degree is to “stick with it.” He believes that although it was a struggle to obtain his degree, it has helped him tremendously in his personal and occupational life and that he wouldn’t change a thing about the way he worked for his degree. Although Jim keeps busy with his work at Banner Bank, he always finds time to give back to the community. Jim has dedicated the last decade to being a Junior Achievement teacher for various middle schools. He teaches his students about the free market, economics, and politics. He loves his time at Junior Achievement and feels that it is a very beautiful experience when you get to teach such talented young people.

UW Bothell helped me work my way up the corporate ladder Jim Reed

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.