Insight Summer 2009

Summer 2009

Campus Updates

Director Updates:

Sandeep Krishnamurthy has been named Director of the Business Program, replacing outgoing director Steve Holland who has served in the role, with distinction, since 2002. Krishnamurthy recently served as Associate Director of Graduate Programs for the Business Program and was instrumental in the implementation of the new Leadership MBA (LMBA) program which will make its debut in Bellevue in Fall 2009.

Brad Portin has been selected as the incoming Director of the Education Program, succeeding Interim Director Linda Watts who graciously served in the role for the 2008-09 academic year. Portin comes to UW Bothell from UW Seattle where he was on the faculty of the UW College of Education. He is on the educational board for the journal, Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability and has held visiting professorships in Norway, England and the United Arab Emirates.

R. Brooks Gekler joined UW Bothell in Fall 2009 as Director of its Business Development Center. As Director, Gekler leads the Center, which was launched in 2006 to serve small businesses in the North King/South Snohomish region.

Faculty Honors

IAS faculty and CUSP Director Gray Kochhar-Lindgren has received a 2009-10 Fulbright General Education Fellowship to support the creation of a cross-disciplinary curriculum in a consortium of Hong Kong universities, which are in 2012 transitioning from 3 to 4-year degrees. Hosted by the University of Hong Kong and its Philosophy Department, Kochhar-Lindgren will teach one course per semester and organize workshops, coordinated by the Hong Kong-America Center, on the first year experience and integrated learning initiatives in General Education.

Business faculty Tim Hargrave has been selected as the Advisory Council Faculty Fellow in Business. This three-year term fellowship was funded by donations from members of the Business Program Advisory Council. Hargrave was selected for his scholarly promise, ability to represent the business program and ability to communicate scholarship to students.

Marguerite Roza of the UW Bothell's Center on Reinventing Public Education received one of the "Change Agent of the Year" awards at the NewSchools Venture Fund Summit on Education Entrepreneurship for her contributions to education. Joanne Weiss, partner and COO at NewSchools, and newly appointed leader of the U.S. Department of Education's Race to the Top Fund, praised Roza as "the best person in the country on education finance" and said "it is her thoughtful analysis and financial acumen that provided much of the data to support the economic stabilization part of the stimulus package for education - a mere $54 billion in funds."

Executive-in Residence

Jim Donald joined UW Bothell earlier this year as Executive-in-Residence for the Business Program. With his wealth of experience as the former CEO of Starbucks and Chairman, President and CEO of Pathmark, Donald provides valuable insight and mentoring to students and faculty.

CSE Launches 50th Business

The UW Bothell Center for Student Entrepreneurship(CSE) saw the launch of its 50th business this spring. The CSE was established with the goal of helping students become successful entrepreneurs, as creators of their own innovative startups or as major participants in small dynamic companies, and has been achieving this goal since its launch in 2006.

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Elevate Your Dreams

Going to college never seemed like a possibility for Ellen Adria Bartlett. "Grade school was a very challenging time for me and junior high was not any better. When I graduated from high school, it was much more than anyone had ever expected of me."

After high school, Bartlett spent a few years in the work force before realizing that she missed learning. Bartlett wasn't sure what to do; college still seemed out of reach.

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Chancellor's Corner

In the last edition of Insight, I described the campus' amazing growth and shared many exciting changes in program development and leadership. My pride continues to grow even though we have endured a rocky few months. Read More about Chancellor's Corner

1001 Words: 1000s of Applications

Applications for the incoming Fall 2009 freshman class are at an all-time high. Almost 1,200 applications have been received for the available 325 spots, a stunning 4:1 ratio that rivals the best colleges and universities around. Read More about 1001 Words: 1000s of Applications

Commencement 2009

Go Dawgs! UW Bothell hosted its 18th Commencement exercises in June 2009, welcoming almost 800 graduating students to its alumni family, now over 8,500 strong. U.S. Representative Jay Inslee served as speaker and several individuals were honored during the ceremony. Read More about Commencement 2009

Looking To Expand Your Knowledge?

The University of Washington Bothell is debuting two new graduate programs in the Fall of 2009. The Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems (MSCSS) will be located at the Bothell campus, and the Leadership MBA (LMBA) will be offered offsite, at a new Bellevue location. Read More about Looking To Expand Your Knowledge?

Hope for the Future

Rain threatened to fall on a dreary day in Olympia as I sat across from Representative Mike Hope in his office to begin our interview. It was a busy day for him with bills to vote on and promote, yet he sat there as if he had all the time in the world and nothing to do but talk to me. Read More about Hope for the Future

Development News

Updates on fundraising successes, Chancellor's Reception, Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal, Center for Serious Play, and long-time UW Bothell supporter and friend of the institution Richard 'Dick' Truly. Read More about Development News

Alumni Council News

The UW Bothell Alumni Council elected its new slate of officers in April 2009. Read More about Alumni Council News

Trackin' the Dawgs: Alumni Class Notes

Updates on William Frankhouser, Terry Heldreth, Drew (Miller) Kjellman, Jason Andrew Smith, and Val Wood. Read More about Trackin' the Dawgs: Alumni Class Notes

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