Insight Summer 2009

Summer 2009

Looking To Expand Your Knowledge?

f you are looking to expand your knowledge by continuing your education, UW Bothell has a new graduate degree for you.

By Hillary U

The University of Washington Bothell is debuting two new graduate programs in the Fall of 2009. The Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems (MSCSS) will be located at the Bothell campus, and the Leadership MBA (LMBA) will be offered offsite, at a new Bellevue location.


The Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems (MSCSS) is a multi-dimensional degree for students interested in pursuing a career in systems design/architecture, software development, software project management and other technology related fields.

Dr. Michael Stiber, Director of the Computing and Software Systems Program, says, "This degree is perfect for students who love solving problems and those wanting to be involved in the technology industries." Students will utilize skills such as problem solving, analytical thinking, oral and written communication, advanced programming methodologies, software development, computer graphics, and much more. The MSCSS includes options for students who desire to transition into a career in software development, and for those already working in this dynamic field.

There is a critical need for students with computer science degrees, with graduates earning high starting salaries. MSCSS students can look forward to completing their degree in just two years!
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Another stimulating new graduate degree option is the Leadership Master of Business Administration (LMBA), to be located off campus in Bellevue (140th Ave. and 24th St.) , which focuses on developing passionate leaders who can manage, motivate, and inspire their colleagues.

This 22-week program is designed for working professionals with classes meeting only two evenings per week with an occasional Saturday. Students will learn skills such as how to lead diverse organizations as well as business theories and their practical applications. LMBA students will attend leadership breakfasts where successful managers will share their captivating strategies. The LMBA also incorporates a mentorship program that is designed to help students develop a consistent leadership philosophy to lead tomorrow's complex organizations.

This degree is ideal for students with leadership aspirations who want a unique and motivating program, full of diverse faculty, courses, and experiences. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, incoming Director of the Business Program, hopes that the LMBA will include "a cohort of students from different industries and career stages that will allow students to be challenged in various ways, so that they can grow and build advancement skills that will take them into the future."
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Currently, UW Bothell offers graduate degrees in Cultural Studies, Policy Studies, Education, and Nursing. The institution also offers a Technology MBA and a Secondary Teacher Certification MEd. So whether you are looking for a new career path or a boost in your current career, UW Bothell has something for you.

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