Insight Summer 2009

Summer 2009

1001 Words: 1000s of Applications


Applications for the incoming Fall 2009 freshman class are at an all-time high. Almost 1,200 applications have been received for the available 325 spots, a stunning 4:1 ratio that rivals the best colleges and universities around.

As UW Bothell begins this fourth freshman class, it does so with a robust underclassman program led by the Center for University Studies and Programs (CUSP). The program features The Discovery Core, a structured curriculum that introduces entering students to UW Bothell's signature interdisciplinary mode of teaching and learning, research and service-learning.

If you have a student who may be interested in becoming a UW Bothell Husky, please direct them to our talented Enrollment Management team at 425-352-5000. We'd love another addition to the Dawg Pack!