Insight: Autumn 2008

Autumn 2008

A Letter from the Alumni Council Chair

Greetings fellow alumni and friends,

Anthony Cruz

I am pleased to be the chair of this year's UW Bothell Alumni Council and your representative to the UW Alumni Association's Board of Trustees. We have a fantastic year ahead of us and I look forward to seeing you at many of our great upcoming events - including the Career Discovery Week activities in January.

One of the great themes for UW Bothell this year is Growth. The Alumni Council would like to echo that sentiment and challenge you to grow your connections with our ever-expanding alumni family - now nearly 8,000 strong. There are a lot of ways to participate.

  • Join your fellow alums and current students at an upcoming event.
  • Connect with us online in your favorite social networking sites: from Facebook to HuskyConnect.
  • Learn about the new programs and offerings planned for your alma mater.
  • Share your UW Bothell experiences with colleagues, co-workers and friends.

By doing the latter, you help UW Bothell accelerate its growth and let people know just how valuable UW Bothell is to you and this region.

Stay in touch and we'll see you soon!


Anthony Cruz

Anthony Cruz, Business '06
UW Bothell Alumni Council Chair