Insight: Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Chancellor's Corner

Greetings alumni and friends,

Chancellor Kenyon Chan

UW Bothell is continuously striving to find new and innovative ways to grow its programs and improve access for students in the Puget Sound region. This past autumn, we launched our new Northern Counties RN-BSN initiative in Mount Vernon which, as you'll read, has been very successful. Later this year, we will launch our new Accounting option for business undergraduate students and introduce a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies - two great additions to our already renowned programs. Other offerings are in the planning stages and each is being tailored to improve access and to meet student needs.

Planning is a key theme this year as the campus community is involved in a rigorous "roadmap" project which will provide us with a master plan that will outline academic, fiscal and facilities needs for the next 20 years. With such an ambitious plan in mind, we will need your input. Look for e-mails and information online asking for your guidance as the project moves forward. Thus far, the endeavor has been inspiring for our faculty and staff; we hope you will share this enthusiasm and share your recommendations.

While we are busy planning for the future, many wonderful events are presently taking place. This spring, UW Bothell received the prestigious Salmon-Safe Certification for our work to protect and improve water quality and we were also recognized by the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for our successes in the community. Our students are making their mark as several of our business students placed in the state Delta Epsilon Chi competition. Plus, the strong achievements of our Computing and Software Systems students have been acknowledged with scholarships from the local business community.

Sadly, this academic year brought us a few difficult moments. We lost one of our "founding faculty" members, Jane Decker, and a member of one of our early classes, Natalie Lang. Both will be missed and are remembered for their commitment and dedication to building the foundation of the campus and its community. Reminders of their strong efforts are with us as we plan for our future.

As we continue in our planning, know that your contributions as alumni and supporters are invaluable. Your commitment allows us to advance our mission, ensuring this is a place you can be proud to call your own.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kenyon S. Chan