Policies and Guidelines

UW Terminology

University Name

On first reference, the name of the campus should always be written out: the University of Washington Bothell. Please note that "the" is not capitalized because it is not part of the official name. You are discouraged from adding the word "campus" after Bothell, but if it is necessary for clarity, do not capitalize "campus."

On second reference and thereafter in a document, it is acceptable to abbreviate the name as "UW Bothell". There is never a space between the U and the W.

Do not use hyphens or commas in the name (ex. "UW-Bothell" or "University of Washington, Bothell").


  • the University of Washington Bothell
  • University of Washington Bothell
  • UW Bothell


  • The University of Washington Bothell (capital 'T')
  • University of Washington, Bothell
  • UWB
  • UW Bothell Campus
  • UW-Bothell
  • U of W Bothell
  • U of WB
  • UWBC


UW's mascot is a "Husky" or "Dawg". Plural terms are "Huskies" or "Dawgs". The term "Huskie" in incorrect.

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has been designated a veteran-friendly campus by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.