Advancement and External Relations

Public Relations & Marketing

Giving a voice to UW Bothell's mission, goals & passion for excellence

Under the leadership of the Office of Advancement, the public relations and communications team serves as a liaison between the University of Washington Bothell and the greater community beyond our campus. We:

  • Direct the communications strategy for UW Bothell
  • Manage all marketing and advertising efforts
  • Handle media relations between the university and its internal/external audiences
  • Provide guidelines and/or creative services to faculty, staff and students

UW Bothell communication policies & guidelines:

We offer members of the UW Bothell community a variety of tools to assist in creating more effective communication.

UW Bothell News:

Get up-to-the-minute UW Bothell news and information.

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Please contact us at 425-352-5461 or

UW Bothell website:

To learn more about the services provided, please visit the UW Bothell Website page.

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