Transfer Students

General Policy on Transfer Credit

To students pursuing a first bachelor's degree, the Office of Admissions awards transfer credit according to the guidelines discussed here. Admissions reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education. In general, it is University policy to accept credits earned at institutions fully accredited by their regional accrediting association, provided that such credits have been earned through university-level courses appropriate to the student's degree program at the University of Washington. Exceptions are noted under:

Class Standing

A student's class standing is determined by the total number of transfer credits awarded by the UWB, not by the number of years of college study or by the completion of an associate degree.

Class Standing by Credits
Class Credit Range
First-Year 0 - 44
Sophomore 45 - 89
Junior 90 - 134
Senior 135+

Satisfying UWB graduation requirements depends not only on the number of credits completed-a minimum of 180 for most programs-but also on completing all College and major requirements.

Quarter vs. Semester Credits

Colleges and universities that operate on a semester system award semester credit. The UWB awards quarter credit. To convert quarter credits to semester credits, multiply by two-thirds. To convert semester to quarter credits, multiply by 1.5. For example, a student who has earned 30 credits at an institution on a semester calendar would earn 45 quarter credits at the UWB.


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