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International Students

International First-Year

International students who have not completed any college credit after completing secondary school should apply as a first-year.

Minimum Admission Requirements for International First-Years


All international students must meet minimum admission requirements to be considered for admission, including the English proficiency requirement. Students should have a strong secondary-level curriculum along with an outstanding academic record. Although high school graduation is not required, applicants need to show completion in the six college academic distribution subject areas

Students currently enrolled in high school are required to submit an academic transcript for grades 9, 10, and 11 and list the courses in progress. If grade 9 was part of junior high school in your country, you must submit a copy of your transcript for the final year of junior high school (equivalent to grade 9 in the U.S.). Transfer students are not required to submit grade 9 transcripts if your final high school transcript shows grades and courses completed in grades 10, 11, and 12.
If you did not complete high school, you must submit a transcript for all years completed, including grade 9. Course work completed before grade 9 or its equivalent will not be considered to satisfy the academic core subject requirements. 

College Academic Distribution Requirements

All applicants applying to the University of Washington Bothell must successfully complete the minimum College Academic Distribution Requirements in order to receive admission consideration. 

English Proficiency Requirement

All international first-year applicants must provide proof of English proficiency by providing scores that meet the University's minimum. Please read on how you can meet our English Proficiency Requirement


UW Bothell Office of Admissions provides the service of international transcript evaluation to applicants. Third-party evaluations are not accepted.  


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