International Students

International Transfer/International Post Baccalaureates

An international student is an applicant who is not a United States citizen or permanent resident and plans to attend a college, university, or other post-secondary education institution in the U.S.  This includes applicants that hold U.S. visas as students, exchange visitors, or other nonimmigrant classifications.

International students who have completed college coursework after completing secondary (high school) education, regardless of the amount of credits earned, should apply as an international transfer student.

Minimum Admission Requirements for International Transfer Applicants

All international students must meet minimum admission requirements to be considered for admission:


The UW Bothell Office of Admissions provides the service of international transcript evaluations. Third-party evaluations will not be accepted.

Official academic records are required from all previous institutions in your education history. It is the responsibility of applicants to supply all required academic records. If you are requesting records from a country or institution where you may have difficulty with timeliness or issuance, please make certain you request your documents allowing enough time for them to be received for your application.

We require the document in the original language when the issuing institution cannot issue in English. If it is issued in a language other than English, we also require an English translation.

All transcripts written in any language other than English must be accompanied by a certified literal English translation in the same format as the originals. To be considered official, the translator must be certified by the American Translators Association or corresponding body in the originating country, or should have a Master’s degree in Translation or Interpretation, or be completed by the issuing institution.

Course Equivalency Guide

Use the UW Course Equivalency Guide to find out how courses from a Washington State community or technical college will transfer to the University of Washington Bothell.

International Post Baccalaureates

Post-baccalaureate is a matriculated status, reserved for students who are working towards a second bachelor’s degree. Students are not eligible to earn a second bachelor's degree in the same field of study as their already earned bachelor's degree(s). Only a small number of applicants are admitted as post-baccalaureates because the University’s primary commitment is to undergraduates who are completing the first bachelor’s degree.

Post-baccalaureate students are exempt from meeting the core subject requirements.  However, they still must complete program prerequisites to apply to a major. The application of previous undergraduate-level courses toward graduation requirements will be determined by program faculty and advisors.

All post-baccalaureate applicants must also demonstrate their English language proficiency. Please review the different pathways for fulfilling the minimum English language proficiency requirement.


To students pursuing a first bachelor's degree, the Office of Admissions awards transfer credit according to the guidelines. Admissions reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education.




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