International Students

Conditional IEP Admissions

Only students who are currently attending the Campus Intensive English Program (C-IEP) or admitted to the Accelerated Intensive English Program (A-IEP) are eligible for conditional admission.

The University of Washington Bothell has partnered with the University of Washington Seattle Campus Intensive English Program (IEP) to offer a conditional admissions program for students pursuing an undergraduate degree at UW Bothell. This program is for students who do not meet the minimum English Proficiency requirement(s) for admission, but are otherwise admissible.

A minimum grade of 80 percent is required in each level 5 IEP course. After successful completion of the IEP requirements, applicants do not have to submit TOEFL, IELTS, or other standardized test scores as proof of language proficiency to UW Bothell. 


Students with no TOEFL/IELTS score.

Students with one of the following:
  • TOEFL iBT of 65 (no sub-score below 16)
  • IELTS of 5.5 (no sub-score below 5.0)
  • Successful completion of C-IEP level 3 at UW Seattle

1. Applicants must be currently enrolled and attending the CIEP program.

2. Completion of the UW Bothell application.

3. Indicate the CIEP option under the English Proficiency Requirement on the UW Bothell application. 

4. Successfully complete the C-IEP Program.

5. Transfer to UW Bothell and begin your studies here! 

  1. Apply to both:
    • UW Bothell  application.
    • Select the A-IEP option under the English proficiency section.
  2. Students accepted to:
    • UW Bothell will receive a letter verifying conditional admission to the University. An Admission Confirmation Form is sent to students with their acceptance packets. This form must be returned along with the US$100 deposit to confirm enrollment.
    • A-IEP will receive a letter verifying admission to the program and their I-20.
  3. Start A- IEP classes on the UW Bothell campus.
  4. Upon successful completion of the A-IEP, attend UW Bothell orientation and start classes at UW Bothell to earn your degree!



All students who are conditionally admitted are eligible to live in campus housing.  Click here for more information about our campus housing.

Important Notes

  • Conditionally admitted students should submit their non-refundable US$100 deposit and Admission Confirmation form. A-IEP students must submit this deposit to be considered for A-IEP admission.
  • A minimum of 1 academic quarter (3 months) in A-IEP, or 2 academic quarters (6 months) in the Campus IEP is required to complete level 5, part 2, and fulfill the University of Washington Bothell’s requirement.
  • Once you are accepted to Campus IEP, the advisers will assist you in getting a student visa and providing you with the I-20 form that you will need to apply for an F-1 visa. You will receive an I-20 from the University of Washington Bothell once you transfer here.   Students admitted to the A-IEP will receive an I-20 directly from UW Bothell.
  • The Campus IEP classes are offered each quarter Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.
  • Academic classes at UW Bothell begin each Autumn (levels 4 and 5), Winter (levels 4 and 5), and Spring (level 5) quarters.
  • UW Bothell will move the start date for a conditionally accepted student one time upon the student’s request. If a student needs the start date moved a second time, the student will be required to re-apply to the university.
  • All students starting with the A-IEP or Campus IEP will have a registration hold placed on their accounts which will be removed when UW Bothell receives their final grades.


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